Listen to podcasts selected from Fr. Ben’s original radio program on “Buena Nueva FM,” as well as recent visits to Bill Gent’s “Treasures of Faith” program airing weekly on Divine Mercy Radio 920AM [WDMC].  The programs combine spiritual & theological reflections, conversations, as well as Christian music to help nurture and nourish your spiritual growth.  As a Missionary of the Precious Blood, a religious congregation devoted to the Proclamation of the Word of God, Fr. Ben’s occasional radio ministry is a dimension of living out the charism of his religious community.

“TREASURES OF FAITH” 2020 Lenten Passionate Pilgrimage

Week 1: “Preparation for Lenten Pilgrims” [Introduction]

Week 2: “The Highs and Lows of Pilgrimage: Up to Jerusalem”

Week 3: “Is There a Place? Finding an Upper Room”

Week 4: “Marked for Life: The Liberating Paschal Meal”

Week 5: “Prayers of An Anguished Heart: The Garden of Gethsemane”

Week 6: “Up to Calvary”

Week 7: “The Long Loneliness: Waiting at the Tomb” [Conclusion]


Other Radio Shows Coming Soon to this space!