Faith Formation are our programs for the on-going spiritual and faith development of our parishioners, including Catholic Doctrine, sacrament preparation and Bible Study.

“Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer, and study, must be “the central task in the catechetical enterprise,” becoming “the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age.”

Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, #5

Recognizing that Adult Faith Formation is an indispensable part of evangelization, Immaculate Conception Catholic community began a reinvigoration of Adult Faith Formation over the past year. Our goal is to nurture a culture of mature adult discipleship that is a living, fruitful and explicit profession of faith. Those who wish to evangelize must first commit themselves to growth and maturity in their own life of faith so that the truth they communicate remains authentic and convincing, rooted and grounded in Christ (Eph 3:17). Our integrated Adult Faith Formation program proceeds on two major levels: spiritual development and intellectual/personal development.

Our ministries and organizations periodically sponsor other speakers and programs, so keep an eye on this area for specific offerings.


Our Newly Re-Named Adult Formation Seasonal Series!!


10-10:50 am Parish Center


Introduction to Our Series: The Passion Narratives [Drawn from a Study by Fr. Raymond E. Brown, SS]

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Session II: The Passion Narrative of Mark

Lenten Soup ‘N Study_3.9.2020

Session III: The Passion Narrative of Matthew

Lenten Soup ‘N Study_Matthew’s Passion_2020

Session IV: The Passion Narrative of Luke

Lenten Soup ‘N Study_Luke’s Passion_2020

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Session V: The Passion Narrative of John

Session VI: Diverse Portrayals of the Crucified Christ

ADVENT MISSION 2019 w/ Fr. Mike Joly

Enjoy summary outlines/music texts from the three nights of Fr. Joly’s Advent Parish Mission 2019

AdventMission2019_Evening1_Fr. Mike Joly

AdventMission2019_Evening2_Fr. Mike Joly

AdventMission2019_Evening3_Fr. Mike Joly