FALL FESTIVALS OF ALL SAINTS & ALL SOULS-November 1 & 2 & All Souls Novena

Fall Festivals of All Saints & All Souls


8am Masses on November 1 & 2

(Note: Nov. 1 is not a Holyday of Obligation this year)

On the occasion of these two great fall festivals, we focus our remembrance of the saints and all the faithful departed in order to reflect on the rest and security the saints now enjoy in God, as well as pray for our loved ones’ journey toward the heavenly realm of God.   Even though they have died, “The souls of the just are in the hands of God, and no torment shall touch them” (Wisdom 3:1). They are now removed from the world in which their steadfast fidelity often led to pain and suffering. This truth can be a comfort to us who remain behind in this world, but more importantly, their lives serve to encourage our own greater fidelity.

ICC All Souls Novena-Envelopes Available in Church

Our parish’s annual All Souls Novena begins Tuesday, November 2 with the 8:00am Mass and ends with the 8am Mass on Wednesday, November 10.  If you would like your deceased family members, friends or neighbors remembered throughout this novena (9 days of Masses), please fill out the “All Souls Novena of Masses” envelope you will find in the pew or at the back of the church.  Fill in the names of those you wish remembered and drop the envelope in the collection basket at weekend Masses or drop by the Parish Office.  Envelopes will be placed before the altar throughout the novena.