Pastor’s Pen-Thoughts from Fr. Ben In Diaspora

Words for Our People in Diaspora

In this space, Fr. Ben Berinti, C.PP.S our Pastor shares messages of support, consolation, humor, and updates during this time of separation due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Check in here every few days to stay connected with our parish in diaspora (that’s the fancy Bible word for “being scattered from our homeland”)!

Wednesday, April 1

As everyone is challenged to find ways to remain calm and safe during our forced hibernation, I am turning to an old favorite…ironing [and that’s no April Fool]!  “Socially distanced” from the assistance of our wonderful “altar linen ladies,” I have taken up duties to launder our altar linens.  Thankfully, there are not as many these days.  Lots of people despise ironing, but I have always loved it—for three reasons: 1. it is precision personified; 2. you directly see the result of your efforts (unlike so many things in life); 3. it brings some order in this chaotic world.  Don’t worry ladies, you can have your jobs back once the plague is ended; but for now I’m happy to be IRONING ON!  

Sunday, March 30

Dear Parishioners: I returned from my mother Bernadine’s funeral and time with my family on Tuesday of this past week.  It has been quite a roller coaster of emotions and challenges, but I have been sustained by the kind and generous expressions of sympathy, prayer, Masses and other well-wishes by so many of you, as well as from friends and members of my Precious Blood family.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I celebrated the 5th Sunday of Lent in our church this morning; so please continue to find my Sunday homilies posted here on our website.  It is an eerie feeling being in an empty church, with the air conditioning turned off, and hearing nothing but the sound of my own voice.  I pray that this time of separation ends sooner rather than later!

As you will find in more detail under the Diocesan section of this homepage, all liturgies continued to be suspended through Easter Sunday, and could extend beyond.  You can find specific information regarding Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday by clicking the diocesan link.  All the liturgies of Holy Week will be celebrated here in our church, but continue to be closed to the public.  Palms will be blessed and will be distributed at a future date yet to be determined.  Some elements of these most sacred liturgies will be scaled back given the circumstances, but know that you can join me in “spiritual communion” during the times I will be offering the Masses and services of Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, Holy Week, the Sacred Triduum and Easter.  Times will be posted later.

All registered parishioners (that means we have your address) will be receiving a letter in the US mail sometime later this week.  For your continuing spiritual enrichment, my radio Pilgrimage resumes this week on WDMC AM 920, and we will complete the journey in the next two weeks.  Also, I am recording the segments I would have presented at Soup ‘N Bible Study on the Gospel Passion narratives and posting them on this website.  You can find these under the “Faith Formation” drop-down menu/Adult Formation”. 

Check back every few days for more to come.  Be well, be healthy and may God protect us all!