In Sympathy

Please pray for the eternal repose of the souls of the following parishioners & friends of the parish who have died since the start of 2020.  On behalf of our Immaculate Conception Church family, we extend our heartfelt sympathy to all those mourning these death of loved ones.  May they rest in peace.

John Currie

Harry Rallo

Henrietta Baranski

Henry “Hank” Springham, Jr.

Frank Panzarino

Nicholas Venanzi

David Thomas

Virginia Bocinsky

William Connors

Marie DeRsamo

George Fufidio

Richard Coston

Jake Panus

Russell Baxter

Gordon Rousseau

Lynn Miller

Doris Zeiser

Annamae L. Schmidt

Linda McMahon

Otillia “Tillie” Olson

Steven LoPrete

Jerry Nicholson

Carol Anne Martin

Sallie Fleck

Lorraine Flanagan

Patricia Regan

Bernadine Ann Berinti (Fr. Ben’s Mother)

Jackie Holland

Mary Helmer

Mikey Goodwin

Holly Fadden

Gene Kane